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Large Professor

Large Professor (Extra P. / Large Pro) is a Hip-Hop icon widely known for his work as a producer and MC with the rap group Main Source. Large Professor soon after became a full-time producer working with such acts as Big Daddy Kane and A Tribe Called Quest before producing three tracks on Nas’ iconic 1994 debut album, Illmatic. Large Professor produced ‘Halftime’, ‘One Time 4 Your Mind’ and ‘It Ain’t Hard To Tell’ all of which are considered timeless classics in hip-hop music.

Over the course of his creative career, Large Professor has lent his hand to albums by some of rap’s biggest names, including Eric B. & Rakim, Nas, and Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth. For his full-length solo debut, 2002’s 1st Class, Large Professor collaborated with friends including Nas, Q-Tip, and Busta Rhymes. 2008’s Main Source featured Big Noyd, AZ, and Styles P.

Artime Creative MasterArtist NameSong TitleAlbumRoleYear
Large ProfessorMain SourceA1. ThinkThinkMusic Production1989
Large ProfessorMain SourceB1. AtomThinkMusic Production1989
Large ProfessorEric B. & Rakim02. No Omega (drum programming)Let the Rhythm Hit 'EmMusic Production1990
Large ProfessorEric B. & Rakim03. In the GhettoLet the Rhythm Hit 'EmMusic Production1990
Large ProfessorEric B. & Rakim04. Step Back (drum programming)Let the Rhythm Hit 'EmMusic Production1990
Large ProfessorIntelligent Hoodlum03. Trag Invasion (produced by Marley Marl, co-produced by Large Professor)Intelligent HoodlumMusic Production1990
Large ProfessorIntelligent Hoodlum07. Game Type (produced by Marley Marl, co-produced by Joe Burgos & Large Professor)Intelligent HoodlumMusic Production1990
Large ProfessorKool G Rap & DJ PoloB1. Wanted: Dead or Alive (Remix) (produced by Kool G Rap, Large Professor & Dr. Butcher)Erase RacismMusic Production1990
Large ProfessorKool G Rap & DJ Polo01. Streets of New York (produced by Kool G Rap, Large Professor & Anton Pukshansky)Wanted: Dead or AliveMusic Production1990
Large ProfessorKool G Rap & DJ Polo02. Wanted: Dead or AliveWanted: Dead or AliveMusic Production1990
Large ProfessorKool G Rap & DJ Polo03. Money in the Bank (featuring Large Professor, Freddie Foxxx & Ant Live) (produced by Large Professor)Wanted: Dead or AliveMusic Production1990
Large ProfessorKool G Rap & DJ Polo04. Bad to the BoneWanted: Dead or AliveMusic Production1990
Large ProfessorKool G Rap & DJ Polo06. Play It Again, PoloWanted: Dead or AliveMusic Production1990
Large ProfessorKool G Rap & DJ Polo08. Kool Is BackWanted: Dead or AliveMusic Production1990
Large ProfessorKool G Rap & DJ Polo09. Play It KoolWanted: Dead or AliveMusic Production1990
Large ProfessorKool G Rap & DJ Polo10. Death WishWanted: Dead or AliveMusic Production1990
Large ProfessorLord Finesse & DJ Mike SmoothB1. Keep It Flowing (Large Professor Remix) (featuring A.G.) (released in 2019)Strictly for the LadiesMusic Production1990
Large ProfessorBig LA1. Unexpected Flava (co-produced by Lord Finesse) (released in 2005)Rare Selections EP Vol. 1Music Production1991
Large ProfessorThe Don02. On TourWake Up the PartyMusic Production1991
Large ProfessorThe Don10. Step AsideWake Up the PartyMusic Production1991
Large ProfessorThe Jaz02. HypocrittersYa Don't StopMusic Production1991
Large ProfessorThe Jaz05. It's Your NatureYa Don't StopMusic Production1991
Large ProfessorKid 'n PlayA1. Slippin' (Large Professor's Hard Remix)Slippin'Music Production1991
Large ProfessorKid 'n PlayB1. Slippin' (Large Professor's Vocal Mix)Slippin'Music Production1991
Large ProfessorKool G Rap & DJ PoloA1. Bad to the Bone (Street Remix) (produced by Kool G Rap & Large Professor)Bad to the BoneMusic Production1991
Large ProfessorMain Source01. Snake EyesBreaking AtomsMusic Production1991
Large ProfessorMain Source02. Just Hangin' OutBreaking AtomsMusic Production1991
Large ProfessorMain Source03. Looking at the Front DoorBreaking AtomsMusic Production1991
Large ProfessorMain Source04. Large ProfessorBreaking AtomsMusic Production1991
Large ProfessorMain Source05. Just a Friendly Game of BaseballBreaking AtomsMusic Production1991
Large ProfessorMain Source06. Scratch & KutBreaking AtomsMusic Production1991
Large ProfessorMain Source07. Peace Is Not the Word to PlayBreaking AtomsMusic Production1991
Large ProfessorMain Source08. Vamos a Rapiar (co-produced by Pete Rock)Breaking AtomsMusic Production1991
Large ProfessorMain Source09. He Got So Much Soul (He Don't Need No Music)Breaking AtomsMusic Production1991
Large ProfessorMain Source10. Live at the Barbeque (featuring Nas, Joe Fatal & Akinyele)Breaking AtomsMusic Production1991
Large ProfessorMain Source11. Watch Roger Do His ThingBreaking AtomsMusic Production1991
Large ProfessorMain Source12. Just a Friendly Game of Baseball (Remix) (bonus track)Breaking AtomsMusic Production1991
Large ProfessorMain SourceA2. Just Hangin' Out (Your Hood - Remix) (produced by Large Professor & Anton Pukshansky)Just Hangin' OutMusic Production1991
Large ProfessorMain SourceA1. Peace Is Not the Word to Play (Remix) (produced by Large Professor & Anton Pukshansky)Peace Is Not the Word to PlayMusic Production1991
Large ProfessorNikki D08. Your Man Is My Man (produced by Smooth Ice, additional production by Large Professor & Chris Champion)Daddy's Little GirlMusic Production1991
Large ProfessorPowerule15. Gots ta Get This (produced by Large Professor & Powerule)Volume 1Music Production1991
Large ProfessorSlick RickB1. It's a Boy (Remix)It's a BoyMusic Production1991
Large ProfessorThe Brand New HeaviesA1. Bonafied Funk (Main Source Mix) (featuring Main Source)Bonafied FunkMusic Production1992
Large ProfessorDiamond D18. Freestyle (Yo, That's That Shit) (produced by Diamond D, co-produced by Large Professor)Stunts, Blunts and Hip HopMusic Production1992
Large ProfessorGang StarrA2. Gotta Get Over (Taking Loot) (Remix)Gotta Get Over (Taking Loot)Music Production1992
Large ProfessorPete Rock & CL Smooth05. Act Like You Know (produced by Pete Rock & CL Smooth, co-produced by Large Professor)Mecca and the Soul BrotherMusic Production1992
Large ProfessorRoxanne Shante02. Deadly Rhymes (featuring Kool G Rap) (produced by Kool G Rap & Large Professor)The Bitch Is BackMusic Production1992
Large ProfessorRoxanne Shante10. Brothers Ain't Shit (produced by Kool G Rap & Large Professor)The Bitch Is BackMusic Production1992
Large ProfessorRoxanne ShanteB1. Straight Razor (Large Professor Remix)Straight RazorMusic Production1992
Large ProfessorVarious artists03. Fakin' the Funk (performed by Main Source)White Men Can't RapMusic Production1992
Large ProfessorYoung DisciplesA1. Apparently Nothin' (Large Professor Rap Mix) (featuring Large Professor)Apparently Nothin'Music Production1992
Large ProfessorAkinyele01. WorldwideVagina DinerMusic Production1993
Large ProfessorAkinyele02. Outta StateVagina DinerMusic Production1993
Large ProfessorAkinyele03. Ak Ha Ha! Ak Hoo Hoo?Vagina DinerMusic Production1993
Large ProfessorAkinyele04. Dear DiaryVagina DinerMusic Production1993
Large ProfessorAkinyele05. Bags PackedVagina DinerMusic Production1993
Large ProfessorAkinyele06. The BombVagina DinerMusic Production1993
Large ProfessorAkinyele07. BeatVagina DinerMusic Production1993
Large ProfessorAkinyele08. CheckmateVagina DinerMusic Production1993
Large ProfessorAkinyele09. I Luh HurVagina DinerMusic Production1993
Large ProfessorAkinyele10. You Know My StyleVagina DinerMusic Production1993
Large ProfessorAkinyele11. ExerciseVagina DinerMusic Production1993
Large ProfessorAkinyele12. No ExitVagina DinerMusic Production1993
Large ProfessorAkinyele13. 30 DaysVagina DinerMusic Production1993
Large ProfessorApache07. Hey Girl (featuring Milo & Collie Weed)Apache Ain't ShitMusic Production1993
Large ProfessorBig Daddy Kane11. Niggaz Never LearnLooks Like a Job For...Music Production1993
Large ProfessorLeaders of the New SchoolA2. What's Next (Remix)What's NextMusic Production1993
Large ProfessorMC ShanA2. Pee-Nile Reunion (Dirty Version) (featuring Neek the Exotic, Diesel, Kool G Rap & Snow) (produced by Kool G Rap & Large Professor)Pee-Nile ReunionMusic Production1993
Large ProfessorMobb Deep12. Peer Pressure (The Large Professor Mix)Juvenile HellMusic Production1993
Large ProfessorSample This!A2. Another Lie (Large Professor Remix)Another LieMusic Production1993
Large ProfessorA Tribe Called Quest11. Keep It Rollin' (featuring Large Professor)Midnight MaraudersMusic Production1993
Large ProfessorBeastie BoysB1. Sure Shot (Large Professor Remix)Sure ShotMusic Production1994
Large ProfessorNas05. HalftimeIllmaticMusic Production1994
Large ProfessorNas08. One Time 4 Your MindIllmaticMusic Production1994
Large ProfessorNas10. It Ain't Hard to TellIllmaticMusic Production1994
Large ProfessorNasA1. It Ain't Hard to Tell (Remix)It Ain't Hard to Tell RemixMusic Production1994
Large ProfessorOrganized KonfusionB2. Stress (Remix) (featuring Large Professor)StressMusic Production1994
Large ProfessorVarious artists09. How My Man Went Down in the Game (performed by Main Source) (demo, recorded in 1992)Wild Pitch ClassicsMusic Production1994
Large ProfessorAkinyeleA1. Break a Bitch Neck (featuring Kool G Rap)Break a Bitch NeckMusic Production1995
Large ProfessorCommon SenseA2. Resurrection (Extra P. Remix)ResurrectionMusic Production1995
Large ProfessorCommon SenseA3. Resurrection (Large Professor Remix)ResurrectionMusic Production1995
Large ProfessorMad SkillzB2. Skillz in '95 (Dirty Mix)The Nod FactorMusic Production1995
Large ProfessorNas00. Understanding (featuring AZ & Biz Markie)N/AMusic Production1995
Large ProfessorTragedy KhadafiA1. Pass da Tek (Remix)Pass da Tek RemixMusic Production1995
Large ProfessorTragedy KhadafiB1. Da Funk Mode (Remix) (featuring Havoc)Pass da Tek RemixMusic Production1995
Large ProfessorAkinyele00. In the World (Large Professor Remix)N/AMusic Production1996
Large ProfessorLarge ProfessorB4. The Mad Scientist (Remix)I JuswannachillMusic Production1996
Large ProfessorLarge Professor01. IntroThe LPMusic Production1996
Large ProfessorLarge Professor02. That BullshitThe LPMusic Production1996
Large ProfessorLarge Professor03. HungryThe LPMusic Production1996
Large ProfessorLarge Professor04. I JuswannachillThe LPMusic Production1996
Large ProfessorLarge Professor05. Funky 2 Listen 2The LPMusic Production1996
Large ProfessorLarge Professor06. The Mad ScientistThe LPMusic Production1996
Large ProfessorLarge Professor07. HardThe LPMusic Production1996
Large ProfessorLarge Professor08. One Plus One (featuring Nas)The LPMusic Production1996
Large ProfessorLarge Professor09. The LPThe LPMusic Production1996
Large ProfessorLarge Professor10. Dancin' GirlThe LPMusic Production1996
Large ProfessorLarge Professor12. Havin' FunThe LPMusic Production1996
Large ProfessorLarge Professor14. Amaman (released in 2009)The LPMusic Production1996
Large ProfessorLarge Professor15. Queens Lounge (released in 2009)The LPMusic Production2009
Large ProfessorLarge Professor16. Bowne (released in 2009)The LPMusic Production2009
Large ProfessorLarge Professor17. Big Willie (released in 2009)The LPMusic Production2009
Large ProfessorLarge Professor18. Outro (released in 2009)The LPMusic Production2009
Large ProfessorLarge ProfessorB3. Listen (Blast Off)The Mad ScientistMusic Production1996
Large ProfessorMad Skillz08. Extra Abstract Skillz (featuring Large Professor & Q-Tip)Where???Music Production1996
Large ProfessorVarious artists07. The Rap World (performed and produced by Large Professor & Pete Rock)High School High: The SoundtrackMusic Production1996
Large ProfessorVarious artists02. Hummin' (Large Professor Remix) (performed by Cannonball Adderley)The New Groove: The Blue Note Remix ProjectMusic Production1996
Large ProfessorB-1A1. Hands of Time (released in 2013)Hands of TimeMusic Production1997
Large ProfessorLord the ArkitecB2. Name of the Game (Friends) (Street Mix)Listen Closely (Worldwide Pt. II)Music Production1998
Large ProfessorVarious artists06. It's da Biz (performed by Biz Markie & Kia Jeffries)The Flip Squad Allstar DJsMusic Production1998
Large ProfessorAkinyele05. CoochieAktapussMusic Production1999
Large ProfessorAkinyele17. Rather Fuck YouAktapussMusic Production1999
Large ProfessorChris Lowe & Large ProfessorA1. CT to Queens (Uncut Action) (Dirty) (produced by Large Professor & Chris Lowe)CT to QueensMusic Production1999
Large ProfessorNeek the ExoticB2. Real Hip HopMake That MoneyMusic Production1999
Large ProfessorNeek the ExoticA1. Turn It Out (Main) (featuring Fortune)Turn It OutMusic Production1999
Large ProfessorNeek the ExoticB1. Money, Thugs (Main) (featuring Royal Flush)Turn It OutMusic Production1999
Large ProfessorNine YardsA2. Matter of Time (Large Professor Remix)Matter of TimeMusic Production1999
Large ProfessorRob SwiftA1. Dope on Plastic (Large Professor Remix)Dope on PlasticMusic Production1999
Large ProfessorStreet Smartz & Large ProfessorA1. Yo, Yo (Dirty)Bottom Line: The Soundtrack, Vol. 1Music Production1999
Large ProfessorVarious artists12. I Sparkle (performed by Slick Rick)Wild Wild West: Music Inspired by the Motion PictureMusic Production1999
Large ProfessorBusta Rhymes12. The Heist (featuring Ghostface Killah, Raekwon & Roc Marciano)AnarchyMusic Production2000
Large ProfessorThe Dwellas03. The Last Shall Be First (featuring Large Professor)The Last Shall Be FirstMusic Production2000
Large ProfessorLarge ProfessorA1. Blaze Rhymez (Main)Blaze RhymezMusic Production2000
Large ProfessorLarge ProfessorB2. LiveGuy Saga (Dirty)Bout That TimeMusic Production2000
Large ProfessorCanibusA3. CanibustibleRip the JackerMusic Production2001
Large ProfessorI.G.T.10. Word to Life (featuring Horace Brown)Street Music: The PreviewMusic Production2001
Large ProfessorNasA2. Black Zombie (Explicit)Got Ur Self a GunMusic Production2001
Large ProfessorNas05. You're da ManStillmaticMusic Production2001
Large ProfessorNas06. RewindStillmaticMusic Production2001
Large ProfessorQwazmodoeA1. Find Out (Main)Find OutMusic Production2001
Large ProfessorThe U.N.11. What They WantWorld Domination: The MixtapeMusic Production2001
Large ProfessorThe Beatnuts07. Originate (featuring Large Professor)The OriginatorsMusic Production2002
Large ProfessorCormega09. The Come Up (featuring Large Professor)The True MeaningMusic Production2002
Large ProfessorLarge Professor01. Intro1st ClassMusic Production2002
Large ProfessorLarge Professor02. 'Bout That Time1st ClassMusic Production2002
Large ProfessorLarge Professor03. Ultimate1st ClassMusic Production2002
Large ProfessorLarge Professor04. Brand New1st ClassMusic Production2002
Large ProfessorLarge Professor05. Stay Chisel (featuring Nas)1st ClassMusic Production2002
Large ProfessorLarge Professor06. Akinyele (Live at the BBQ, Pt. 2) (featuring Akinyele)1st ClassMusic Production2002
Large ProfessorLarge Professor08. Born to Ball1st ClassMusic Production2002
Large ProfessorLarge Professor10. The Man1st ClassMusic Production2002
Large ProfessorLarge Professor11. Large Pro1st ClassMusic Production2002
Large ProfessorLarge Professor13. Blaze Rhymez II1st ClassMusic Production2002
Large ProfessorLarge Professor14. On (featuring Busta Rhymes)1st ClassMusic Production2002
Large ProfessorLarge Professor15. Hip Hop1st ClassMusic Production2002
Large ProfessorLarge Professor16. Radioactive1st ClassMusic Production2002
Large ProfessorLarge Professor17. Back to Back (bonus track)1st ClassMusic Production2002
Large ProfessorNon Phixion02. Drug MusicThe Future Is NowMusic Production2002
Large ProfessorNon Phixion12. It's UsThe Future Is NowMusic Production2002
Large ProfessorNon Phixion15. We Are the FutureThe Future Is NowMusic Production2002
Large ProfessorRob Swift04. Hip Hop on Wax (featuring Large Professor) (produced by Rob Swift, co-produced by Large Professor)Sound EventMusic Production2002
Large ProfessorVarious artists06. 151 Excuses (performed by 151 Proof)The Anti-Backpack MovementMusic Production2002
Large ProfessorThe X-Ecutioners02. XL (featuring Large Professor)Built ScratchMusic Production2002
Large ProfessorCraig G11. Love Is Love (featuring Large Professor)This Is Now!!!Music Production2003
Large ProfessorLord Finesse04. Isn't He Something (Extra P Session Mix)Crates to the Files ...The Lost SessionsMusic Production2003
Large ProfessorMic Geronimo15. Up NowLong Road BackMusic Production2003
Large ProfessorNeek the Exotic03. Prepared to Get StompedExotic's RawMusic Production2003
Large ProfessorNeek the Exotic04. Make That Money (featuring Royal Flush)Exotic's RawMusic Production2003
Large ProfessorNeek the Exotic05. Don't StopExotic's RawMusic Production2003
Large ProfessorNeek the Exotic06. Exotic's Raw (featuring Large Professor)Exotic's RawMusic Production2003
Large ProfessorNeek the Exotic07. Backs 'n' NecksExotic's RawMusic Production2003
Large ProfessorNeek the Exotic10. Hardcore (featuring Large Professor)Exotic's RawMusic Production2003
Large ProfessorNeek the Exotic13. The Mothafuckin Man (featuring Joe Flav)Exotic's RawMusic Production2003
Large ProfessorNeek the Exotic14. This Here's Gangsta (featuring Royal Flush & Universal)Exotic's RawMusic Production2003
Large ProfessorAkinyele02. MurderLive at the Barbecue: Unreleased Hit'sMusic Production2004
Large ProfessorGore-Tex02. PyramidReloadMusic Production2004
Large ProfessorMr. Complex15. No Turning Back (featuring Tia Thomas)Twisted MisterMusic Production2004
Large ProfessorNas2-06. Star Wars10 Year Anniversary Illmatic Platinum SeriesMusic Production2004
Large ProfessorRah Digga17. I Need a Shorty (co-produced by Shea Taylor)Everything Is a Story (unreleased)Music Production2004
Large ProfessorLarge ProfessorA1. The Beginning (Hood)The BeginningMusic Production2005
Large ProfessorLarge ProfessorB1. After School (Hood)The BeginningMusic Production2005
Large ProfessorLarge ProfessorA1. Secret DesignSecret DesignMusic Production2005
Large ProfessorLarge ProfessorB1. DecisionsSecret DesignMusic Production2005
Large ProfessorLord Finesse & DJ Mike SmoothA1. Here I Come (Remix) (Main)Here I Come RemixMusic Production2005
Large ProfessorThe Black Eyed Peas07. Disco Club (Large Pro Peas Remix)Renegotiations: The RemixesMusic Production2006
Large ProfessorBoot Camp Clik13. World WideThe Last StandMusic Production2006
Large ProfessorLarge Professor00. Rapid FireN/AMusic Production2006
Large ProfessorPrince Po05. Right 2 Know (featuring Chas West)PrettyblackMusic Production2006
Large ProfessorVarious artists05. Minority (Large Professor's Tjaz Remix) (performed by Cal Tjader)Re-Bop: The Savoy RemixesMusic Production2006
Large ProfessorBig Pun10. Tres Leches (Remix) (featuring Prodigy & Inspectah Deck)In Memory Of... Volume OneMusic Production2007
Large ProfessorGrand Daddy I.U.09. Mack of the YearStick to the ScriptMusic Production2007
Large ProfessorJurassic 500. Hood in the USAN/AMusic Production2007
Large ProfessorKilla Sha05. UnbrokenGod Walk on WaterMusic Production2007
Large ProfessorKilla Sha13. Come OnGod Walk on WaterMusic Production2007
Large ProfessorMic Geronimo14. Nic Nac (featuring Darcyde)AliveMusic Production2007
Large ProfessorStyles P08. The StruggleThe Ghost SessionsMusic Production2007
Large ProfessorThisish10. Large Professor Got Heat!!!Thisish, Vol. 1Music Production2007
Large ProfessorVarious artists09. Do Que Somos Capaz (performed by Black Mastah & Bob da Rage Sense) (produced by Large Professor & Bomberjack)Free Speech: The MixtapeMusic Production2007
Large ProfessorAZ12. The Hardest (featuring Styles P)UndeniableMusic Production2008
Large ProfessorGenocide04. Epitome of Illness (featuring Dave Lad, Emir KA & Orakle)The Psy-Op MixtapeMusic Production2008
Large ProfessorL.E.O.01. So GloriousSpiritual IntelligenceMusic Production2008
Large ProfessorL.E.O.02. King LeopoldSpiritual IntelligenceMusic Production2008
Large ProfessorL.E.O.03. OmnipotenceSpiritual IntelligenceMusic Production2008
Large ProfessorL.E.O.04. The Perfect LineSpiritual IntelligenceMusic Production2008
Large ProfessorL.E.O.05. Right to Live (featuring B.C.)Spiritual IntelligenceMusic Production2008
Large ProfessorL.E.O.06. No SleepSpiritual IntelligenceMusic Production2008
Large ProfessorL.E.O.07. Panic ButtonSpiritual IntelligenceMusic Production2008
Large ProfessorL.E.O.08. TrainspottingSpiritual IntelligenceMusic Production2008
Large ProfessorL.E.O.09. Mother of GodSpiritual IntelligenceMusic Production2008
Large ProfessorL.E.O.10. Triple 7 (featuring Billy Mage, Creyesis, Spit-Acular, Espionage, I-Dub & Scott Bluntz)Spiritual IntelligenceMusic Production2008
Large ProfessorL.E.O.11. WindowsSpiritual IntelligenceMusic Production2008
Large ProfessorLarge Professor01. The EntranceMain SourceMusic Production2008
Large ProfessorLarge Professor02. Hot: Sizzling, Scorching, Torching, BlazingMain SourceMusic Production2008
Large ProfessorLarge Professor03. 'Maica Livin' (featuring Guardian Leep & Killa Sha)Main SourceMusic Production2008
Large ProfessorLarge Professor04. Pump Ya Fist (featuring Mikey D & Lotto)Main SourceMusic Production2008
Large ProfessorLarge Professor05. Party TimeMain SourceMusic Production2008
Large ProfessorLarge Professor06. In the GhettoMain SourceMusic Production2008
Large ProfessorLarge Professor08. Frantic BarzMain SourceMusic Production2008
Large ProfessorLarge Professor09. Sewin' LoveMain SourceMusic Production2008
Large ProfessorLarge Professor10. RuDopeDapnNoyd Pt. 1 (featuring Jeru the Damaja)Main SourceMusic Production2008
Large ProfessorLarge Professor11. RuDopeDapnNoyd Pt. 2 (featuring Lil' Dap)Main SourceMusic Production2008
Large ProfessorLarge Professor12. RuDopeDapnNoyd Pt. 3 (featuring Big Noyd)Main SourceMusic Production2008
Large ProfessorLarge Professor13. Classic EmergencyMain SourceMusic Production2008
Large ProfessorLarge Professor14. Rockin' Hip HopMain SourceMusic Production2008
Large ProfessorLarge Professor15. Large Pro SaysMain SourceMusic Production2008
Large ProfessorLarge Professor16. To the MeadowsMain SourceMusic Production2008
Large ProfessorLil' Dap09. In My Life TimeI.A. DapMusic Production2008
Large ProfessorPresto17. Conquer Mentally (Large Pro Remix) (featuring Large Professor, O.C. & Sadat X)State of the ArtMusic Production2008
Large ProfessorReks05. StagesGrey HairsMusic Production2008
Large ProfessorTermanology11. Sorry I Lied to YouPolitics as UsualMusic Production2008
Large ProfessorCormega08. JourneyBorn and RaisedMusic Production2009
Large ProfessorEaratik Statik15. No Problems (Extra P Remix)The Good, the Bad and the UglyMusic Production2009
Large ProfessorGrand Puba06. Same Old Drama (featuring Large Professor)RetroactiveMusic Production2009
Large ProfessorKrumb Snatcha11. Mind PowerHidden ScripturesMusic Production2009
Large ProfessorKrumb Snatcha14. Heaven on Earth (featuring Lauren)Hidden ScripturesMusic Production2009
Large ProfessorTermanology04. Time Machine (featuring Reks)Time Machine: Hood Politics VIMusic Production2009
Large ProfessorU-God11. New Classic (featuring Large Professor)DopiumMusic Production2009
Large ProfessorCold Heat14. Why You Wanna Do That (featuring Craig G, Large Professor & Sean Price)Life Behind BarsMusic Production2010
Large ProfessorKilla Sha02. Never Gonna Stop MeAcknowledge the VetMusic Production2010
Large ProfessorNeek the Exotic & Large Professor01. Guess WhoExotic SpeciesMusic Production2010
Large ProfessorNeek the Exotic & Large Professor02. Toast Tonight (featuring Fortune & Satchel Page)Exotic SpeciesMusic Production2010
Large ProfessorNeek the Exotic & Large Professor03. Still on the HustleExotic SpeciesMusic Production2010
Large ProfessorNeek the Exotic & Large Professor07. You Make My Head Swing (Extra P Remix)Exotic SpeciesMusic Production2010
Large ProfessorNeek the Exotic & Large Professor08. We All About (featuring Royal Flush)Exotic SpeciesMusic Production2010
Large ProfessorNeek the Exotic & Large Professor09. Turn It Out (featuring Fortune)Exotic SpeciesMusic Production2010
Large ProfessorPlanet Asia & Gold Chain Military17. Organic FoodChain of CommandMusic Production2010
Large ProfessorRhymefest07. Bad Self (featuring Rahzel)Dangerous: 5-18Music Production2010
Large ProfessorFunkoars02. The QuickeningThe QuickeningMusic Production2011
Large ProfessorJ-Love1-20. I'm Not the OneEgotistical ManiacMusic Production2011
Large ProfessorJoell Ortiz12. Oh! (featuring Iffy)Free AgentMusic Production2011
Large ProfessorLarge ProfessorB1. Key to the City (Mad Scientist Remix)Key to the CityMusic Production2011
Large ProfessorNeek the Exotic & Large Professor04. Street Rebel (featuring Joell Ortiz)Still on the HustleMusic Production2011
Large ProfessorNeek the Exotic & Large Professor09. Head SpinStill on the HustleMusic Production2011
Large ProfessorNeek the Exotic & Large Professor10. Personal FreakStill on the HustleMusic Production2011
Large ProfessorTorae07. Do the MathFor the RecordMusic Production2011
Large ProfessorLarge Professor01. Key to the CityProfessor @ LargeMusic Production2012
Large ProfessorLarge Professor02. UNOWHTMSAYNProfessor @ LargeMusic Production2012
Large ProfessorLarge Professor03. Straight from the Golden (featuring Busta Rhymes)Professor @ LargeMusic Production2012
Large ProfessorLarge Professor04. Focused Up (featuring Cormega & Tragedy Khadafi)Professor @ LargeMusic Production2012
Large ProfessorLarge Professor05. Happy Days R Here (featuring Lil' Fame)Professor @ LargeMusic Production2012
Large ProfessorLarge Professor07. Light YearsProfessor @ LargeMusic Production2012
Large ProfessorLarge Professor08. Barber Shop Chop (Instrolude)Professor @ LargeMusic Production2012
Large ProfessorLarge Professor09. Live AgainProfessor @ LargeMusic Production2012
Large ProfessorLarge Professor10. Mack Don Illz (featuring Mic Geronimo & Grand Daddy I.U.)Professor @ LargeMusic Production2012
Large ProfessorLarge Professor11. Sun, Star & Crescents (Instrolude)Professor @ LargeMusic Production2012
Large ProfessorLarge Professor12. Kick da HabitProfessor @ LargeMusic Production2012
Large ProfessorLarge Professor13. LP SurpriseProfessor @ LargeMusic Production2012
Large ProfessorLarge Professor14. Back in Time (Instrolude)Professor @ LargeMusic Production2012
Large ProfessorLarge Professor15. M.A.R.S. (featuring Cormega, Action Bronson, Roc Marciano & Saigon)Professor @ LargeMusic Production2012
Large ProfessorPete Flux05. Large Is a Good GuyMood SwingsMusic Production2012
Large ProfessorPublic Enemy07. Catch the Thrown (featuring Cormega & Large Professor)Most of My Heroes Still Don't Appear on No StampMusic Production2012
Large ProfessorIll Bill10. Acid RefluxThe Grimy AwardsMusic Production2013
Large ProfessorIll Bill16. Canarsie HighThe Grimy AwardsMusic Production2013
Large ProfessorJ-Love18. Firenado (featuring AG da Coroner, Prince Original & Take-It)Not Designed to QuitMusic Production2013
Large ProfessorMayer HawthorneA2. Her Favorite Song (Large Professor Remix)Her Favorite SongMusic Production2013
Large ProfessorN.O.R.E.16. Built Pyramids (featuring Large Professor)Student of the GameMusic Production2013
Large ProfessorCormega01. A New Day BeginsMega PhilosophyMusic Production2014
Large ProfessorCormega02. MARS (The Dream Team) (featuring AZ, Redman & Styles P)Mega PhilosophyMusic Production2014
Large ProfessorCormega03. IndustryMega PhilosophyMusic Production2014
Large ProfessorCormega04. More (featuring Chantelle Nandi)Mega PhilosophyMusic Production2014
Large ProfessorCormega05. ReflectionMega PhilosophyMusic Production2014
Large ProfessorCormega06. D.U. (Divine Unity) (featuring Nature)Mega PhilosophyMusic Production2014
Large ProfessorCormega07. Honorable (featuring Raekwon)Mega PhilosophyMusic Production2014
Large ProfessorCormega08. Rap BasquiatMega PhilosophyMusic Production2014
Large ProfessorCormega09. Rise (featuring Maya Azucena)Mega PhilosophyMusic Production2014
Large ProfessorCormega10. Home (featuring Black Rob)Mega PhilosophyMusic Production2014
Large ProfessorCormega11. Valuable Lessons (featuring Jarell Perry)Mega PhilosophyMusic Production2014
Large ProfessorHalfcut05. Last CallDungeons to RooftopsMusic Production2014
Large ProfessorIlla Ghee15. 90Social GraffitiMusic Production2014
Large ProfessorJeru the Damaja06. Solar FlaresThe HammerMusic Production2014
Large ProfessorVarious artists28. Kiss the Sky (Large Professor Remix) (performed by Blu)Stashed in Fortress Volume 16Music Production2014
Large ProfessorCapone-N-Noreaga13. PizzaLessonsMusic Production2015
Large ProfessorDiamond District04. Working WeekendsMarch on Washington ReduxMusic Production2015
Large ProfessorLarge Professor01. Re:LivingRe:LivingMusic Production2015
Large ProfessorLarge Professor02. Dreams Don't DieRe:LivingMusic Production2015
Large ProfessorLarge Professor03. OpulenceRe:LivingMusic Production2015
Large ProfessorLarge Professor04. EarnRe:LivingMusic Production2015
Large ProfessorLarge Professor05. Off Yo Azz on Yo FeetRe:LivingMusic Production2015
Large ProfessorLarge Professor06. In the Scrolls (featuring G-Wiz)Re:LivingMusic Production2015
Large ProfessorLarge Professor07. Own World (featuring Fortune)Re:LivingMusic Production2015
Large ProfessorLarge Professor08. Sophia YoRe:LivingMusic Production2015
Large ProfessorLarge Professor09. New Train Ole Route (produced by J-Love, co-produced by Large Professor)Re:LivingMusic Production2015
Large ProfessorLarge Professor10. Industry RMX 2 (featuring Inspectah Deck, Cormega, Roc Marciano, Sadat X & Lord Jamar)Re:LivingMusic Production2015
Large ProfessorLarge Professor11. NDNRe:LivingMusic Production2015
Large ProfessorHomeboy Sandman05. It's Cold (featuring Steve Arrington)Kindness for WeaknessMusic Production2016
Large ProfessorMeyhem Lauren07. Not GuiltyPiatto D'oroMusic Production2016
Large ProfessorReks09. Gone Baby GoneThe Greatest XMusic Production2016
Large ProfessorSouthpaw ChopA1. Here We Go (Remix) (featuring Large Professor)Here We GoMusic Production2016
Large ProfessorTimeless Truth09. WavelengthCold WaveMusic Production2016
Large ProfessorVarious artists17. Legacy (performed by Ill Bill, Sean Strange & Salome)The Underworld 2Music Production2016
Large ProfessorDJ Koss15. This Is Now (Large Professor Remix) (featuring Keith Murray)Born to LiveMusic Production2017
Large ProfessorM-Dot07. The EmpathyEgo and the EnemyMusic Production2017
Large ProfessorPowerule02. Glorify n Praise (featuring Large Professor)The Anomaly: ReloadedMusic Production2017
Large ProfessorPowerule10. American Horror StoryThe Anomaly: ReloadedMusic Production2017
Large ProfessorSon of SamB1. Come a Long Way (The Extra P Remix) (featuring Large Professor & Masta Ace)Come a Long WayMusic Production2018
Large ProfessorU-God08. FelonVenomMusic Production2018
Large ProfessorTruth14. TNT (Remix) (featuring Tragedy Khadafi)The Fight for SurvivalMusic Production2019
Large ProfessorThe Lox09. Think of the LOX (featuring Westside Gunn & Benny the Butcher)Living Off XperienceMusic Production2020
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