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Ron “Amen-Ra” Lawrence
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Ron “Amen-Ra” Lawrence
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Ron “Amen-Ra” Lawrence is an American record producer best known for the singles “Hypnotize” by The Notorious B.I.G, “Been Around The World” by Sean “Diddy” Combs, “Where I’m From” by Jay-Z, “Money, Power, Respect” by The Lox, the Grammy-nominated “Love Like This” as well as “All Night Long” by Faith Evans, “Phenomenon” by LL Cool J, “You Should Be Mine” by Brian McKnight, “Can’t Let Her Go” by Boyz II Men, “Cold Rock A Party” remix by MC Lyte, and “The Theme (It’s Party Time)” by Tracey Lee. He produced the song “Wonderful” for Aretha Franklin , for her album So Damn Happy, a song whereby she won a Grammy for Best Vocal Performance. On June 23, 1998, Ron received a Governors Award from the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences on.

Ron created the hip-hop source score of Spike Lee’s film Bamboozled and appearing in it as a musical engineer. He produced the theme song ” A Woman Like Me”, by BeyoncĂ©, for the Pink Panther soundtrack. Lawrence himself later studied film at the New York Film Academy and created the short film “Founding Fathers,” a documentary on hip hop’s birth and evolution.

Ron Amen Ra Lawrence Creative Master Artime Online Music Mentoring
Artime Creative MasterArtist NameSong TitleAlbumRoleYear
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceThe Notorious B.I.G.An Introduction ToProducer2019
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceHip-Hop History: The CollectionComposer, Producer2017
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceBad Boy Entertainment: 20 Years - The Box SetComposer, Producer2016
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceTop 100 90sComposer, Producer2014
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceLuther VandrossThe Box Set SeriesComposer, Drum Programming, Keyboard Programming, Producer2014
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceR&B AnthemsComposer, Producer2014
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceCommonNobody's SmilingComposer2014
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceHip Hop: The Collection [Rhino]Composer2014
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceMonicaS.O.U.L.Composer2013
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceMinistry of Sound: Anthems Hip-Hop IIIComposer2013
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceKisstory [Sony]Composer2013
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceR&B: The Collection [Rhino]Composer, Producer2012
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceLL Cool JIconProducer2012
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceHip Hop JamzComposer2012
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceUltimate R&B 2010Composer2010
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceRewind Old Skool ClassicsComposer2010
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceEssential R&B: 90's AnthemsComposer2010
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceLuther VandrossThe Music of Luther VandrossProducer, Keyboard Programming, Drum Programming, Composer2009
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceNotorious [Original Soundtrack]Producer, Audio Production, Composer2009
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceNotorious Music from and Inspired ByComposer2009
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceTyreseI Wanna Go There/TyreseProducer2009
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceLL Cool JAll World 2Composer, Producer2009
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceWavemusic: Soul Ya 2Composer2008
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceHip Hop the Collection: The ClassicsComposer2008
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceThe Notorious B.I.G.Greatest HitsProducer, Audio Production, Composer2007
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceBrian McKnightGoldProducer2007
Ron "Amen Ra" Lawrence90s Love SongsComposer, Producer2007
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceBrian McKnight20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection - The Best of Brian McKnightComposer2007
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceHip Hop: The Evolution [Two-Disc Set]Producer2006
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceJay-ZGreatest HitsProducer2006
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrencePopchopCut Up or Shut UpComposer2006
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceDiddyCome to Me, Pt. 1Producer2006
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceP. DiddyCome to MeProducer2006
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceUrban Dance Explosion [Bonus DVD]Producer, Composer2005
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceBad Boys's R&B HitsProducer2005
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceTribute to Notorious B.I.G.Composer2004
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceShut Up: The Hip Hop Collection, Vol. 3Composer2004
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceKiss Presents: Hip Hop CollectionComposer2004
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceHip Hop, Vol. 2: The CollectionComposer2004
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceBad Boy's 10th Anniversary: The HitsProducer, Composer2004
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceThe Evolution: The Hip Hop Experience Chapter, Vol. 2Producer, Composer2003
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceAretha FranklinSo Damn HappyProducer, Engineer, Keyboards, Drum Programming, Multi Instruments, Composer2003
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceMusic Inspired by ScarfaceProducer2003
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceEric B. & RakimClassicProducer2003
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceBlu CantrellBittersweetProducer2003
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceBest of R&B, Vol. 1Producer2003
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceA Tribute to P. DiddyComposer2003
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceBrian McKnightFrom There to Here: 1989-2002Composer2002
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceEssence of Soul 2002Producer2002
Ron "Amen Ra" Lawrence2 Many DJ'sAs Heard on Radio Soulwax, Pt. 1Composer2002
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceLL Cool J10Producer, Composer2002
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrencePure R&BProducer2001
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceMary J. BligeNo More DramaProducer, Composer2001
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceBoyz II MenLegacy: The Greatest Hits CollectionComposer2001
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceJimmy CozierJimmy CozierProducer2001
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceFrosh, Vol. 4Composer2001
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceG. DepChild of the GhettoProducer2001
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceFunkmaster FlexVibe Hits, Vol. 1Producer2000
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceCarl ThomasEmotionalComposer2000
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceDeadly NeedlesComposer2000
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceBamboozledComposer2000
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceBad Boy's R&B HitsProducer, Composer2000
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceRakimThe MasterComposer1999
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceThe Best of Black '98Composer1999
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceTerror SquadTerror SquadProducer, Piano, Keyboards1999
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceThe Madd RapperTell 'Em Why U MaddProducer1999
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceBlack RobLife StoryProducer1999
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceImajinImajinProducer1999
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceTesca All-StarsHip Hop Supreme: Re-Worked ClassicsComposer1999
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrencePuff DaddyForeverProducer, Composer1999
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceMaseDouble UpProducer, Composer1999
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceFaith EvansAll Night LongProducer1999
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceUltimate Dance Party 1999Producer1998
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceTyreseTyreseProducer1998
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceSurvival of the Illest: Live from 125 NYCComposer1998
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceImajinShorty (You Keep Playin' with My Mind)Producer, Strings1998
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceMC LyteSeven & SevenProducer, Production Coordination1998
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceR. KellyR.Producer1998
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceNow That's What I Call Music [1998]Producer1998
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceMuch Dance 1997Composer1998
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceThe LOXMoney, Power & RespectProducer1998
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceAll CityMetropolis GoldProducer, Composer1998
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceLord Tariq & Peter GunzMake It ReignProducer1998
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceKiss Smooth Grooves '98Composer1998
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceFaith EvansKeep the FaithProducer, Composer, Lyricist1998
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceBlack & Beautiful, Vol. 4Composer1998
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceMC LyteBadder Than B ForeProducer1998
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceBad Boy Greatest Hits, Vol. 1Producer1998
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceAvex Dance, Vol. 7Producer, Composer1998
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceTouch My Soul, Vol. 9Composer1997
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceTracey LeeThe Theme: It's Party TimeProducer1997
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceThe Source Presents: Hip Hop HitsComposer1997
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceSoul Food: Music from the Soul Food Motion PictureProducer1997
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceLL Cool JPhenomenonProducer, Composer1997
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceThe BlueboyMother of All Swing, Vol. 2Producer1997
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceTracey LeeMany FacezComposer1997
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceThe Notorious B.I.G.Life After DeathProducer, Composer1997
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceLSGLevert Sweat GillProducer, Composer1997
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceJay-ZIn My Lifetime, Vol. 1Producer, Composer1997
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceThe Notorious B.I.G.HypnotiseComposer1997
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceMaseHarlem WorldProducer, Composer1997
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceFresh Hits '97Composer1997
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceBoyz II MenEvolutionProducer, Composer1997
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceAndrew WeilEight Meditations for Optimum HealthComposer1997
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceBrian McKnightAnytimeProducer, Composer1997
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceAbsolute Dance, Vol. 15Composer1997
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceMC LyteBad as I Wanna BProducer1996
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceSugaWhat's Up Star?Composer1995
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceThe Show [Original Soundtrack]Producer, Composer1995
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceFaith EvansNever Knew Love Like ThisComposer, Producer1995
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceShaiBlackfaceDrum Programming, Composer1995
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceIlluminations: An Axiom CompilationProducer1991
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceWTFComposer, Producer
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceUrban ThrowbackComposer, Producer
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceThrowback R&BComposer
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceThrowback JamsProducer
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceThe Notorious B.I.G.The Studio Album CollectionComposer
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceThe Other Side of the 90sProducer
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceThe Grandmaster Flash CollectionComposer
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceThe Ultimate Skate Hip-Hop Album, Vol. 2Composer, Producer
Ron "Amen Ra" We Are One, Vol. 4Composer
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceSummer WavesComposer, Producer
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceSummer Throwback: Oldies and Chart ClassicsComposer, Producer
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceSummer RewindComposer, Producer
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceSummer R&BComposer, Producer
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceSummer EverydayComposer, Producer
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceSummer 90sComposer, Producer
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceStraight Outta Old SkoolComposer
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceThe Notorious B.I.G.Special DedicationComposer
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceCommonSpeak My PieceComposer
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceSongs for the Car [Rhino 2020]Producer
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceRap Workout: Hip-Hop Tracks for the GymProducer
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceRap Music ClassicsProducer
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceRap HistoryProducer
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceR&B, Vol. 2Composer, Lyricist
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceR&B ThrowbackComposer, Producer
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceR&B RewindComposer, Producer
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceR&B Love Songs [Rhino]Composer, Producer
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceR&B Anthems: The CollectionComposer
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrencePop EnergizerComposer, Producer
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrencePopComposer, Producer
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrencePlaylist: R&BComposer, Producer
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrencePlaylist: Party [Rhino]Composer, Producer
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceParty Tyme KaraokeParty Tyme Karaoke: R&B Female Hits 4Composer
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceParty All Night [Rhino]Composer, Producer
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceNME Presents the 90sComposer
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceMost Streamed Songs: Biggest Tracks EverProducer
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceLove 90'sComposer
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceI Love Hip-Hop: Rap from the 90s and 00sProducer
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceHome WorkoutComposer
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceHits of the 90s [Rhino]Composer, Producer
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceHip-Hop: The Old Skool CollectionComposer, Producer
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceHip-Hop [Rhino]Composer, Producer
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceHip-Hop History [Rhino]Composer, Producer
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceHip Hop FundamentalsComposer, Producer
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceGet Ur Freak On [Rhino]Composer, Producer
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceThe Hit CrewDrew's Famous Over The Hill At 40 Party MusicComposer
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceDrew's Famous Instrumental R&B and Hip-Hop Collection, Vol. 45Composer
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceBounce! Vol. 5Composer
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceBest of the 90s [Rhino]Composer, Producer
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceBeach Party [Rhino]Composer, Producer
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceBaywatchComposer
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceBangers Anthems TunesProducer
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceBack to School ClassicsComposer, Producer
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceBrooklyn BounceBB-StylesComposer
Ron "Amen Ra" LawrenceAll Time Classics [Rhino]Producer
Ron "Amen Ra" Lawrence90s ThrowbackComposer, Producer
Ron "Amen Ra" Lawrence90s PartyComposer, Producer
Ron "Amen Ra" Lawrence90s Hip-HopComposer, Producer
Ron "Amen Ra" Lawrence90's the Collection [2017]Composer, Producer
Ron "Amen Ra" Lawrence90's Love [Rhino]Composer, Producer
Ron "Amen Ra" Lawrence90 Hits of the 90sComposer, Producer
Ron "Amen Ra" Lawrence1990s ThrowbackComposer, Producer
Ron "Amen Ra" Lawrence100 Greatest Throwback SongsComposer, Producer
Ron "Amen Ra" Lawrence100 Greatest Sing-a-long SongsComposer, Producer
Ron "Amen Ra" Lawrence100 Greatest Rap Songs (The Greatest Hip-Hop Tracks Ever)Producer
Ron "Amen Ra" Lawrence100 Greatest RapProducer
Ron "Amen Ra" Lawrence100 Greatest R&B LoveComposer, Producer
Ron "Amen Ra" Lawrence100 Greatest R&BComposer, Producer
Ron "Amen Ra" Lawrence100 Greatest Pop SongsComposer, Producer
Ron "Amen Ra" Lawrence100 Greatest Party StartersComposer, Producer
Ron "Amen Ra" Lawrence100 Greatest Karaoke SongsComposer, Producer
Ron "Amen Ra" Lawrence100 Greatest Hip HopComposer, Producer
Ron "Amen Ra" Lawrence100 Greatest Feel GoodComposer, Producer
Ron "Amen Ra" Lawrence100 Greatest Breakfast SongsComposer, Producer
Ron "Amen Ra" Lawrence100 Greatest Best Songs EverComposer, Producer
Ron "Amen Ra" Lawrence100 Greatest American Songs (The Greatest Tracks From The USA)Composer, Producer
Ron "Amen Ra" Lawrence100 Greatest 90s R&BComposer, Producer
Ron "Amen Ra" Lawrence100 Greatest 90s Hip HopProducer
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